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New record and first solo album from Liam Gallagher. 12 track album pressed on black 180g vinyl.

25,90 €

Keith Urban's Ripcord is the ninth studio album by New Zealand-born Australian country music singer Keith Urban.

28,00 €

The fourth full-length release for the R&B/soul singer and his band was recorded live with producer Gabriel Roth.

22,90 €

Leonard Cohen's 14th studio album feels like a pristine, piously crafted last testament, the informed conclusion of a lifetime of inquiry.

26,95 €

The core tracks on Greatest Hits all serve to illuminate Kravitz’s own considerable talents as a multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer and guitar player. From the funk ’n’ soul-driven emotionality of “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” to the abject ferocity of “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” from the elegiac buildup of “Let Love Rule” to the universal yearning of “Fly Away,” Kravitz delivers in every style imaginable.

33,90 €

The fifth full-length release for the Irish singer-songwriter features guest appearances from Jeff Beck and Jools Holland and was produced by T-Bone Burnet

25,90 €

Pink Floyd's remastered studio album on a heavyweight 180 gram vinyl.

27,90 €

Zoom is the twelfth studio album by British symphonic rock band Electric Light Orchestra that was released in 2001. This is the first album since Balance, which was made in 1986. This is also a remastered version that was released in 2013.

26,90 €

Robbie Williams 10th studio album and second easy listening album he has made. This is a numbered edition, so get it quick!

29,90 €

Pink Floyd's remastered Ummagumma album, with a live album and a studio album.

42,90 €

UUTUUS! Uudelleen remasteroitu kuuden Grammy palkinnon voittaja, Eric Claptonin Unplugged. 

27,90 €