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Adelen uusi Tupla LP - Gatefold, HQ, 180gr ! Hifimestan varastossa!

42,90 €

Joe Bonamassan uusi albumi°Time Clocks° perjantaina myynnissä, löytyy mustana ja kullan värisenä vinyylinä. 

32,90 €

As part of the Queen 50 anniversary, Brian May’s 1992 debut album ‘Back to the Light’ has been remastered by Bob Ludwig for a suite of reissues, overseen by Queen designer Richard Gray. 2021 Mix. 

30,00 €

Legendary electronic duo YELLO are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a comprehensive retrospective. Muutama varastossa.

45,90 €

"Fierce guitar player teams up with The Black Keys guitarist-producer for his first solo album" -Rolling Stones-

Featuring: "The Well" & "Beautiful Stranger"

33,90 €

25th anniversary edition with special gatefold sleeves 

Remastered on 180g vinyl - jäljellä 1 kpl

28,95 €

The fourth full-length release for the R&B/soul singer and his band was recorded live with producer Gabriel Roth.

27,90 €

Pink Floyd's remastered studio album on a heavyweight 180 gram vinyl.

28,90 €

Uudelleen remasteroitu kuuden Grammy palkinnon voittaja, Eric Claptonin Unplugged. 

29,90 €