Stockfisch Records - Closer To The Music Vol.2 SACD

Closer To The Music Vol.2 SACD, Stockfisch Records Hybrid SACD

Stockfisch Records - Closer To The Music Vol.2 SACD
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Closer To The Music Vol.2 SACD

Just like Vol. 1, this second Stockfisch collection closer to the music Vol.2 offers on its 15 individual tracks a wide musical variety. Different as they may be, they are bound by an invisible thread, a common ground for all of them, the guitar based arrangements. This special sound, the “trade mark” of nearly all Stockfisch productions, is where they all meet. Always energetic, but at the same time gentle and never lacking transparency, that’s how the artists and their fellow musicians skilfully present their music. These recordings, as any listener will experience, exemplify once again the Stockfisch philosophy: closer to the music!

Track Listing:

1 Stars (Sara K.)
2 Set You Free (Sara K.)
3 Just Like Love (Strauss, Steve)
4 Old Crow (Strauss, Steve)
5 The Same Kind Words (Ruffolo, Eugene)
6 When Time Turns Around (Carruthers, Ewen)
7 Paris (Carruthers, Ewen)
8 Streets of London (Roth, David)
9 Song for You Far Away (Roth, David)
10 Caruso (Willisohn, Christian)
11 Four Wild Horses (Munyon, David)
12 Looking at the Rain (Munyon, David)
13 Heaven (Silver, Mike)
14 Maybe It's Just Love (Silver, Mike)
15 Au Large Du Gueveur (Capart, Louis)