Stockfisch Records - Closer To The Music Vol.3 SACD

Closer To The Music Vol.3, Stockfisch Records Hybrid SACD

Stockfisch Records - Closer To The Music Vol.3 SACD
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The third compilation from the critically acclaimed „Closer to the Music“ series.

You will listen to recent recordings of known artists like Sara K., Allan Taylor, Eugene Ruffolo and David Munyon , but also to new Stockfisch-discoveries like Dennis Kolen (NL), Paul O´Brien (CDN), BEOGA (IRL), Carl & Parissa (AUS), Beo Brockhausen (D) and some more - 18 tracks with a total playing time about 76 min.

Track Listing:

1 Dedicated to... (Taylor, Allan)
2 Winter (Taylor, Allan)
3 When I Didn't Care (Sara K.)
4 After There's a Blizzard (Sara K.)
5 Seaside Rendezvous (Kolen, Dennis)
6 For Cloud Dog and Jane (Kolen, Dennis)
7 Chinese Girl (Carruthers, Ewen)
8 Lovebirds (Carruthers, Ewen)
9 Love Can Be That Way (Ruffolo, Eugene)
10 Hello in There (Munyon, David)
11 Louisiana Rain (Munyon, David)
12 American Car (O'Brien, Paul)
13 Waiting (The Paperboys)
14 Lovely Madness (Beoga)
15 Factory Girl (Beoga)
16 Sharpening a Knife (Carl & Parissa)
17 Mother's Song (Carl & Parissa)
18 Wolkenmeer (Brockhausen, Beo)