Pro-Ject Pick It S2 äänirasia

Pro-Ject Pick It S2 MM äänirasia - äänirasia uutuus Pro-Jectilta SME kiinnityksellä

Pro-Ject Pick It S2 äänirasia
  • Pro-Ject Pick It S2 äänirasia
  • Pro-Ject Pick It S2 äänirasia
  • Pro-Ject Pick It S2 äänirasia
169,00 €
Yli 90 euron verkkokauppatilaukset toimituskuluitta kaikkialle Suomeen!
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MM cartridge

Concorde at its roots
Ortofon‘s Concorde series was highly acclaimed especially at professional DJ‘s. An often overlooked detail is, that it had its roots as a HiFi cartridge. That is exactly where we want to position it again. This special collaboration between Pro-Ject and Orftofon revealed this high value phono cartridge – Pick-it S2!

Pick-it S2: Stylus par excellence
Suitable for all tonearms with SME union nut, Pick-it S2 is easily mounted and removed. The body of this system is held in elegante silver looks. Pick-it S2 offers a thrilling and exciting sound, which oozes of details and high fidelity, it unveils unheard precision, dynamics and sound stage in this price range. With its six Millivolts output voltage it is prepared for all weaker phono stages and DJ turntables. The SME connections enable the customer to mount Pick-it S2 within seconds. This offers you the freedom to install your favourite cartridges on any suitable tonearm in no time. You can exchange or upgrade the needle if needed, even for a higher grade one (like OM20/30). The Polycarbonate body provides high stiffness, which gives the sound its unrivalled dynamic character.


  • Moving Magnet principle
  • Simple and fast setup
  • High output voltage
  • Ideal for medium weight tonearms (15-20g)
  • Very dynamic
  • Suiteable for MM phono stages
  • Needle can be exchanged if needed
  • Robust Polycarbonate body