Chord Signature Tuned Aray XLR-kaapeli

Erittäin laadukas XLR-kaapeli Chordilta.

Chord Signature Tuned Aray XLR-kaapeli
  • Chord Signature Tuned Aray XLR-kaapeli
  • Chord Signature Tuned Aray XLR-kaapeli
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Signature XLR-kaapeli

new cable and Tuned ARAY conductor technology.

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The cable

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY analogue interconnects all use the same unique conductor formation developed during our research into Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.

Each Signature conductor is built using high quality silver-plated conductors. Insulation is PTFE and the shielding consists of two layers of high-density silver-plated braid that is effective across a very wide frequency range. The shielding is covered with a white PTFE precision applied outer extrusion. Like Sarum, Signature Tuned ARAY cable is produced to extremely tight tolerances.

The plugs

The Signature Tuned ARAY XLR cable is fitted with a high quality Neutrik XLR plug. The contacts are silver-plated, and the cable is terminated and configured in order to avoid any compression on the conductors and shields that would affect performance.

Use it with

The Signature Tuned ARAY XLR is exceptionally transparent, both dynamically and particularly in terms of detail, timbre and pitch. This is an interconnect that can be used with almost any level of equipment and will deliver music with high levels of detail and an extraordinary level of cohesiveness