iFi Audio Mercury USB-kaapeli

iFi Audio Mercury USB-kaapeli
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iFi Audio Mercury USB-kaapeli RF-tekniikalla, pituudet 0,5m 129€ tai 1m 159€

The iFi Mercury USB cable is the single-run brethren of the highly-regarded Gemini USB cable. The Mercury USB cable takes the standard USB transmission standard and re-writes it for high-end audio. Crucially, the special geometry adheres to the 90 ohm impedance specification better than even the USB 2.0 standard. Resistance is 3x lower than textbook. The Final USB machined connectors are proprietary for exceptional shielding and rigidity. The atypical RF3filter design is user-adjustable. With all these technological breakthroughs, one audition and there is no going back.

A simple, yet effective illustration is the graph below. The Mercury (along with the Gemini) cable adheres to the 90ohm specification of the USB transmission protocol exhibiting just a 1% deviation from the 90ohm impedance end-to-end (ie. connector + cable together).

Other expensive audiophile cables by comparison, vary as much as 15% (or 78ohm-103ohm!) This one key parameter is often overlooked yet is essential to maximise the quality of the signal transfer.


Compatible with High-Speed USB 2.0 (24Bit/192kHz and higher supported)

Conductor Heavy OHFC continuous cast copper

Insulation: Polyethylene

Shielding: Dual-shields

Impedance 90ohms

Connectors iFi ‘FINAL’ USB connectors

Lengths/Weights: 0.5m/270g (0.595 lbs)

1.0m/290g (0.639 lbs)

Warranty period: 12 months