Gerry Rafferty : Snakes and Ladders

Gerry Rafferty : Snakes and Ladders
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Snakes and Ladders is the fourth album by Gerry Rafferty. It was released in 1980, following the success of his previous two albums, City to City and Night Owl. The album charted at No. 15 in the UK and reached No. 61 in the US Album Charts.

The song "The Garden Of England" was recorded at Beatles producer George Martin's AIR studio in Montserrat. All the songs were original Rafferty compositions, though one – "Johnny's Song" – was a remake of a song which had been previously released by his former band Stealer's Wheel, and another – "Didn't I" – was a remake of a song from Rafferty's 1971 album Can I Have My Money Back.

The memorable melodies, moving allegories, and genuine lyrical warmth that Rafferty is revered for arise in some more tracks, like in the beauty of "Bring It All Home" or in the mystique of "Look At The Moon". "Royal Mile" was released as a single in the U.K.

180 gram audiophile vinyl


Side A

1. The Royal Mile

2. I Was A Boy Scout

3. Welcome To Hollywood

4. Wastin’ Away

5. Look At The Moon

6. Bring It All Home

Side B

1. The Garden Of England

2. Johnny’s Song

3. Didn’t I

4. Syncopatin’ Sandy

5. Cafe Le Cabotin

6. Don’t Close The Door

Catalog # : MOVLP1213, Releasedate : 2014-09-15

Format : 1 LP, 180 gram

Sleeve : 3mm

Original Release : 1980