Natalie Merchant: Motherland

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Natalie Merchant: Motherland
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Natalie Merchant's Motherland album (2001) is dedicated to the victims of the 9-11 plane crashes, which occurred just days after recordings were finished.

Experienced producer and artist T. Bone Burnett brings his expertise to the table, which pays off in terms of its aural expression and positioning Merchants songs in one coherent, excellent album. Her voice has deepened and her lyrics are socially conscious and intelligent, as always. Musically, each song stands on its own and fits seamlessly into the collection of tracks that make up Motherland.

180 gram audiophile vinyl


Available on vinyl for the first time!

Side A

1. This House Is On Fire

2. Motherland

3. Saint Judas

4. Put The Law On You

5. Build A Levee

6. Golden Boy

Side B

1. Henry Darger

2. The Worst Thing

3. Tell Yourself

4. Just Can't Last

5. Not In This Life

6. I'm Not Gonna Beg