Chord Cream instrumenttikaapeli

Chord Cream instrumenttikaapeli
  • Chord Cream instrumenttikaapeli
  • Chord Cream instrumenttikaapeli
  • Chord Cream instrumenttikaapeli
65,00 €
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Chord Cream instrumettikaapeli.

Saatavissa 3m ja 6 m pituuksissa, suoralla tai kulmaliittimellä. Tai uutuutena mikrofonikaapeliksi XLR-liittimellä. Määritä liittimet tilausvaiheessa tai soita!

“It didn’t just sound better, it made me more aware of my playing as well, and that was really good.  I got a far greater sense of my playing dynamics and how they affected the tone.”

The Cream cable is something we should have produced a long time ago; Chord is a company with an unhealthy number of musicians among its staff. Cream is the instrument cable that we all wanted.

The first thing is sound, and we got to let a lot of very good musicians try out the prototypes before committing to the final design.

Then there’s mechanical noise.  Every musician has heard a noisy cable - the one that crackles when you move it.

Finally there’s reliability; no one wants a guitar cable that goes down half way through a song.

Sound quality was fairly straightforward, we could adapt the principles we used to develop our audio interconnects.  Mechanical noise was simple as well.  We have always taken care to properly control and minimise mechanical noise, so we knew exactly what to do.

Reliability? Some serious long term testing took place and with a whole lot of different bands.

So Cream is an instrument cable that will work with pretty much any musical instrument you care to use it with; guitar, bass, acoustic and keyboard. Compared to a typical instrument cable, Cream produces a fuller, richer tone, but more than anything it will carry your touch and your playing with real accuracy, and that’s a great experience.  

Effects pedal links (40€)

Many musicians, especially guitarists, use effects pedals as part of their set up.  A single pedal doesn’t present a problem, and all that is required are a couple of cables.  However, a lot of people use more than one effects pedal.  We produce a Cream Patch Cable.  This is 30cm long and fitted with high quality right-angled Neutrik jack plugs.  Using these ensures the best possible signal transfer right the way through your set up.