Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli

Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli
935,00 €
Yli 90 euron verkkokauppatilaukset toimituskuluitta kaikkialle Suomeen!
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Chord Signature Reference kaiutinkaapeli

Saatavana vain valmiina tehdastekoisena kaapelina, banaani tai haarukkaliittimin.

Pituudet : 2 x1,5m (minimi), 2 x 2m, 2 x 3m, 2 x 5m


Conductors: 2 x 10 AWG multi-strand silver-plated oxygen free copper.

Configuration:  Individually shielded twisted pair configuration.

Conductor Insulation:  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Shielding:  Dual layer, high density, high frequency effective braid and overlapped foil.

Jacket:  Translucent PVC used to minimise mechanically induced noise. 

Diameter:  2 x 9mm.

Colour:  Red/black or all black.

Terminations:  Chord 24 karat gold-plated banana plugs, direct gold-plated copper spade connectors and BFA Camcon connectors.  Because of the complexity of construction, Signature Reference speaker cable is only available in factory-terminated lengths.  Shortest available length is 1.5 metres.

Every set of Signature Reference speaker cable is produced to order and although the conductors are separately shielded, the cable is arranged in twisted pair configuration to improve flexibility and ease of installation.  Each end of the cable is secured with a precision machined aluminium clamp.  This is designed to hold the cable securely but not to compress the conductors.  Experiments showed that compression of the shield and insulation on either speaker or interconnect cables altered the performance characteristics of the cable. 

Use it with

Given its cost, the original Signature speaker cable found its way into some surprisingly reasonably priced systems.  The combination of really effective shielding and heavy gauge conductors made it a cable that could bring drive and dynamics and coherence and detail to just about any system it was put into.  Signature Reference has all those characteristics and more.  We’ve used Signature Reference with all levels of systems (right now it’s connected to a set of Kef Blades in our dem room) but the improvements it brings are just as easy to hear with any decent set of speakers.  There is so much control and definition and this really helps to bring music to life.

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