Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol.4

Stockfischin laadukas ja upea soundinen LP, Vinyl Collection Vol.4

Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol.4
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"Vol.4" contains 10 tracks from our productions of the last few years. We again cut the direct metal masters for this record on the studio's own NEUMANN VMS82.

We present the following artists on the "Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol.4":

BRIAN FLANAGAN, the Irish composer and singer with the beautiful voice. He sings his song "The Painter" inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape. Very related in the timbre of his voice and in the way he shapes his songs is the new stockfish artist from London: STEVE FOLK. With a bright voice, the songwriter conveys empathy - wistfulness and warm-hearted charm mix.

Although active for decades, REG MEUROSS was a new discovery for Stockfisch: a folk singer of the English school whose songs and melodies put the listener in a "warm contentment". Represented on this sampler with his song "England Green & England Grey" - a synthesis of folk and social criticism. Among the new introductions is IAN SMITH from Keadue in Donegal, Ireland, more than 30 years in the music business and "on the road". Ian Smith is not so much an Irish folkie as a storyteller par excellence.

In addition to the already well-known "Stockfishes" KATJA WERKER, STEVE STRAUSS, DAVID ROTH, PAUL STEPHENSON and RANAGRI, there will also be a special surprise:

In the 80s, she was in the Stockfisch studio for a CD mastering. In 2022, she returned for an impressive recording session: ANNE CLARK, the style icon of electronic music and the European New Wave movement, goes completely new, unexpected ways at Stockfisch Records: The internationally successful singer recorded a purely acoustic album (violin and concert harp) with spoken poems. The track "How To Become Unbroken" closes the B-side of the "Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol.4".



1 David Roth - Rise We Will

2 Ian Smith - Restless Heart

3 Reg Meuross - England Green & England Grey

4 Steve Strauss - Every Broken Glass

5 Katja Werker - The Streets of Africa


6 Steve Folk - Big River

7 Paul Stephenson - Silence Is Deafening

8 Ranagri - Devil's Need

9 Brian Flanagan - The Painter

10 Anne Clark - How to Become Unbroken