Pro-Ject Align It DS3

Pro-Ject Align It DS3 äänirasian kohdistuslevy kolmella eri geometrialla.

Pro-Ject Align it DS3 asemointityökalu
  • Pro-Ject Align it DS3 asemointityökalu
  • Pro-Ject Align it DS3 asemointityökalu
  • Pro-Ject Align it DS3 asemointityökalu
  • Pro-Ject Align it DS3 asemointityökalu
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Pro-Ject Align It DS3 äänirasian kohdistuslevy kolmella eri geometrialla; Baerwald, Löfgren B ja Stevenson.

Suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables

• All adjustments on one tool:

Overhang, azimuth and tangentiality

• 3 different geometries:

Baerwald (Löfgren A), Löfgren B, Stevenson

• Alignment curves for 8,6“, 9“, 10“ and 12“ tonearms

• Suitable for other manufacturer‘s tonearms*

• Detailed alignment instructions and guidance

on how to choose the geometry that suits your

listening habits most!

• Made in Europe

Simple and effective alignment tool

Align it DS3 is one of the easiest yet most effective alignment tools available. With it you can adjust and align your cartridges with ease. It comes with detailed instructions and background knowledge to equip you with all the information you need to maximise your vinyl playback.

Different to many other alignment protractors the Align it DS3 traces the whole path of the tonearm from the outer to the inner null-point. This is great for beginners and professionals alike, as it makes alignment much more comfortable. You do not need to constantly rotate your turntable‘s platter when going from outer to inner nullpoint while aligning your cartridge. The Align it DS3 stays

fixed in position and you do not need to worry about getting the position right each time. This is the advantage of tracing the whole tonearm arc on the protractor.

Choose one of the 3 most popular alignment geometries

printed on the Align it DS3. Each geometry has different



Excellent allrounder that many people choose to start their alignment journey with. Optimizes tracking of inner and outer groove with a focus on the middle area of your vinyl record. Works universally well for many musical tastes.

Löfgren B

Maximises tracking in the middle area of your vinyl record, resulting in the lowest average distortion between the null-points of all three alignment curves. The most inner and outer grooves exhibit more tracking error than the middle of your record, which makes Löfgren B great for modern records where all the most important music and songs are in the middle of the record.


Maximises tracking at the start and very end of the record by moving the outer null-point more towards the outside and the inner null-point towards the inside. Great for classical music that finishes in big climactic finales, very long records with 25 minutes or more per side and 45 RPM singles.

Align it DS3 is suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables and many other manufacturer‘s turntables and tonearms depending on their pivot to spindle distance.