IsoTek Mira Evo3

IsoTek Mira Evo3
  • IsoTek Mira Evo3
  • IsoTek Mira Evo3
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Designed with plasma or LCD flatscreen TV's or projectors in mind, the benefits of using a Isotek Mira Evo 3 in your system are protection from lightning conditions on the aerial antenna and also longer product life as a result of the built in mains surge and in-rush current suppression. Provides a much cleaner mains supply to your TV and DVD/ Blu-ray player, which gives improvements in picture and sound quality equally. Images are crisper and more coherent with the Isotek Mira in circuit, whilst sound quality benefits from a lower noise floor and a more dynamic quality. The TV aerial input further protects your TV should storm conditions arise

Number of outlets 2 + Aerial

Standard mains inlet IEC fused

Mains voltage 110-240VAC/50-60Hz

Maximum current 10Amps Total wattage 2300 (UK/EU) 1100 (US) Visual outlet 550W (1100W at 230V)

Component Outlet 550W (1100W at 230V)

Dimensions 90 x 82 x 150mm (WxHxL)

Weight 900g