Chris Jones : Roadhouses & Automobiles, 2LP

CHRIS JONES - Roadhouses & Automobiles • 2-LP  - Product no.: SFR357.8027.1

Chris Jones : Roadhouses & Automobiles, 2LP
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Chris Jones, the brilliant guitarist from Reno, Nevada, in 2005 sadly passed away much too early. His last album with Stockfisch from 2003 has posthumously been established over the years as a de facto standard for listening tests and demo sessions. Songs like „No Sanctuary Here“ are used by live mixers for checking the stage PAs, pieces like „Fender Bender“ have repeatedly inspired guit-bass drum trios, the title song „Roadhouse & Automobiles“ has a warm, intense width, which captivates the listeners.

Lothar Brandt in his CD review in German magazine STEREOPLAY 1/2004: „A musical masterpiece - The voice sounds mega-present, the guitar appears extraordinary contoured and corporeal, the accompaniment is in such a way vivid, even an inveterate fan of analog sound will take his hat off.“

For all of those, who like the analog sound, Stockfisch now releases „Roadhouses & Automobiles“ on Vinyl: as 180g Double-12“, 45rpm.

Musicians performing on this album "Roadhouses & Automobiles":

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars / Grischka Zepf - electric bass / Siard de Jong - fiddle, mandolin / Nils Tuxen - pedal steel / Martin Huch - pedal steel / Wolfgang Beisert - mandolin / Beo Brockhausen - saxophone, african bow harp / Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass / Christina Lux - backing vocals / Thomas Klippel - hammond b3 / Lutz Möller - piano / Christian Rien - trumpet / Michael Kleinhans - tuba / Yogi Jockusch - percussion / Christian Archontidis - drums

1 Roadhouses & Automobiles
2 Thank You (R.J.Reynolds)

3 Darlin' Cory
4 No Sanctuary Here
5 Fender Bender

6 God Moves on the Water
7 Set 'em up, Joe
8 Jolanda's Wedding March

9 Hoof Jelly
10 Don't Need Your Relgion
11 Cold Creature