Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri

Automaattinen ja helppokäyttöinen ultraäänilevypesuri. Ensimmäinen erä tuli, yksi jäljellä (hopeinen) 

Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri hopea
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri musta
  • Degritter Ultraääni-vinyylilevypesuri
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Ultrasonic Cleaning

The core of Degritter is the 120kHz ultrasonic cleaning system. It has been carefully designed in house to make sure that records are cleaned thoroughly and without any damage to the surface of the record.

Ultrasonic cleaning works by creating a large number of microscopical bubbles in the cleaning bath, a phenomena called cavitation. The bubbles are a vacuum created by high frequency pressure waves moving through the water. Every ultrasonic cycle bubbles are formed and collapsed, releasing energy as heat and minuscule strong water jets. These effects combined thoroughly clean all surfaces down to a microscopic level.

A 120kHz frequency provides finer and more evenly distributed cleaning action than lower frequency systems. In fact, this technology at even higher frequencies is used to clean parts in the semiconductor industry, where surfaces need to be pure on a molecular level.

Degritter uses a custom ultrasonic bath with a custom 300W ultrasonic amplifier that has been designed specifically for cleaning vinyl records. The cleaning bath has four ultrasonic transducers (emitters), two on both sides covering the whole record. Degritter also comes with Frequency Sweep feature, which provides better cavitation energy and power distribution. Degritter is the only cleaning solution on the market working at 120kHz and having the Frequency Sweep feature.


Active filtering solution

Degritter record cleaning machines come with an active filtering solution. Active means that it removes small particles and dirt from the water during the ultrasonic cleaning process. Dirt washed off the record is filtered out of the ultrasonic cleaning bath and it won’t end up back on the record.

Features of the filtering system:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Gets rid of both surface dirt and dissolved dirt
  • A fine mesh filter

Principle and Maintenance

The active filtering solution works by circulating water through the filter and then back into the bath while your record is being cleaned. Water is pulled into the filter from the top of the tank in order to remove all floating dust and particles. Heavy particles that settle at the bottom will be pumped out to the external water tank, which has a dedicated sediment section.

The filter is easily accessible from the side of the machine. It is made up of a cylindrical steel mesh which contains a replaceable open cell foam filter. The outer part of the filter is washable, which makes for easy maintenance and upkeep.

1. Fill with distilled water - Water tank is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

2. Insert record -Record sits freely with nothing clamping it

3. Start program Record will be washed & dried within 5 min

4. Deep cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning will clean the grooves from top to bottom

Paketissa pesurin lisäksi:

  • Irrotettava kannellinen vesisäiliö
  • 100ml pesuneste
  • 5 kpl vara filtteriä
  • Fluid dosing pipette
  • Water level measurement strip
  • Virtakaapeli

37 × 28 × 21 cm


9 kg

Supported Voltage

100 V – 240 V AC

Ultrasonic Cleaning

120 kHz / 300 W
Frequency Sweep

Water Tank

1.4 L

Noise Levels

50 dB – 70 dB - Depends on the drying fan power settings

Cleaning Medium

Distilled water plus 1-2 ml of cleaning fluid

Cleaning Time

5 min – 10 min - Depends on the washing program and drying settings

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