Chord Signature X Power

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Chord Signature X virtakaapeli
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  • Chord Signature X Power
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The time-proven Signature range gains a new high-performance power cable: SignatureX

Chord Company’s time-proven Signature range, launched back in 1998, is set to benefit from a new, high-quality power cable: SignatureX.

Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, just outside historic Stonehenge, the new SignatureX features the company’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology, plus the latest XLPE insulation, as seen in many of the company’s recently introduced loudspeaker cables.

The new SignatureX directly replaces the previous Signature ARAY power cable. It benefits from significantly heavier-gauge conductors, offering lower resistance and improved efficiency, a high-quality foil with high-density braid screen, plus a PVC outer jacket.

SignatureX’s heavy-gauge multi-strand OFC copper conductors with ARAY geometry are terminated with custom-designed IEC and outlet connectors, which are engineered with silver-plated external and internal contacts for maximum performance.

The new SignatureX comes with Chord Company’s famous Lifetime Warranty and is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths, with custom lengths and terminations (including European, USA and Australia) available to order.

The Signature cable range is positioned behind the flagship ChordMusic line and range-topping and Sarum T line, and offers digital and analogue interconnects, loudspeaker cables, and specialist products, including tonearm, XLR and bi-wire links.