Audiolab DC Block


Audiolab DC Block vaihtovirtasuodin hopea
  • Audiolab DC Block vaihtovirtasuodin hopea
  • Audiolab DC Block vaihtovirtasuodin musta
  • Audiolab DC Block vaihtovirtasuodin takaa
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Audiolab DC Block

The DC Block has been designed to improve the quality of AC electricity that feeds our audio and AV systems.

Mains electricity has a fundamental influence on the audio signal as it passes through a system, from source to amp to speakers. The mains supply in a typical dwelling is subject to interference induced by a range of issues, causing the AC waveform to distort before it reaches each component. This creates noise in the audio signal, which degrades sound quality – a situation that continues to worsen as the electrical devices we use in our homes proliferate.


  • Power Requirement: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Peak Load: 600VA
  • Audio Power Amplifier Compatibility: <2x 150W or <1x 300W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 113 x 59 x 140 mm
  • Weight (net): 0.7 kg

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