Chord C-jack-RCA audiokaapeli

Chordin laadukas, hyvällä johtimella ja kunnollisilla liittimillä 3.5mm - RCA-kaapeli

Chord C-jack välikaapeli
  • Chord C-jack välikaapeli
  • Chord C-jack 3.5mm-rca
59,00 €
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Built to a unique Chord Company design, teaming high-performance with affordability.

The ARAY conductor geometry was developed from the Tuned ARAY conductor configuration first used on our Sarum T cable range.

We needed a cable to match the performance of the ever-increasing number of affordable, high quality portable players. It needed to carry a musical signal with a real sense of coherence and musicality whilst being robust, reliable and good value.

The Chord C-Jack is designed to work with all line-level components: Mp3 players, mobile phones, laptops, CD players, streaming devices & amplifiers.

Available in 0.75m, 1m and 3m lengths.

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