Bluesound RC1 -kaukosäädin

Infrapunalla toimiva Bluesoundin kaukosäädin hallinnoi helposti huoneesi Bluesound-laitetta.

Bluesound  RC1 -kaukosäädin
  • Bluesound  RC1 -kaukosäädin
  • Bluesound  RC1 -kaukosäädin
  • Bluesound  RC1 -kaukosäädin
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The Bluesound RC1 gives you convenient control over your Bluesound Players. Set up is simple and its streamlined button layout and dedicated controls let you easily control the sound of music, movies and more, without having to pick up a tablet or phone. Plus, with the Bluesound RC1 remote control, you can set-up and program up to 10 presets inside the BluOS Controller app and enjoy your favorite albums, playlists, and radio stations with a single touch of the remote.

- Simple, ergonomic design with streamlined and dedicated Player controls

- Works right out of the box with built-in IR codes for Bluesound Players

- Program up to 10 presets to listen to your favorite music with a single touch


The Bluesound RC1 Remote Control works right out of the box,

letting you enjoy one-touch control with Bluesound Players throughout

the home, without any set-up or programming. From soundbars and wireless

speakers to stereo components and wireless streaming amplifiers, the

Bluesound RC1 has controls for just about everything.


Lower the volume, select a preset and listen to your

favorite playlist, or turn on your Bluesound sound system for movie

night--all with a tap of the finger. With Bluesound dedicated IR

controls built-in you can enjoy one-touch control right out of the box

and easily take command of your all entertainment. The most basic

controls, like volume and play/pause, are pre-programmed and laid out

for easy navigation with the added ability to pre-program the music you

listen to most with support for up to 10 presets.


Control any Bluesound product in any room. The Bluesound RC1

Remote Control lets you point-and-control Players in different rooms and

control music throughout the home without needing to use the BluOS

Controller app on your phone or tablet every time. It centralizes

command of all Bluesound Players and controls into one device with a

simple IR connection that gives you the freedom and flexibility to

easily control music in unique yet simple ways.


Simply point the RC1 Remote Control at any Bluesound

wireless streamer, amplifier or speakers to start, and use the BluOS

Controller app for phone, tablet and desktop to configure presets in



Pulse Flex owners love the 5 preset buttons on the top of their Player; RC1 customers will have quick access to 10 presets! These can be set as normal in the BluOS App – pick your favourite radio stations, playlists, and inputs and assign them a number for quick and easy listening later on.


Ensure the RC1 is controlling what you want it to. Players can now be set in the BluOS App to operate on 1 of 8 different IR channels (0-7). The RC1 comes defaulted to Channel 0 – to change it, press and hold the network standby button and the preset button corresponding to the desired channel number. Hold for 10 seconds. The RC1’s indication light will flash green. Note: Channel 0 corresponds to Preset 10.