Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli

Palkittu Chord kaiutinkaapeli Rumour X- ohut, mutta suorituskykyinen! Saatavana metritavarana tai valmiiksi terminoituina banaaniliittimillä. 

Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
  • Chord Rumour X kaiutinkaapeli
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Chord Rumour X - tilaa tästä metritavarana, toimitamme haluamasi määrän kelalta yhtenä pätkänä.

Kaapeliin sopivat liittimet (kuvissa mukana), ovat Chord Ohmic banaanit (puristettavat/juotettavat) a´10€ kpl.

Kaapeli tilattavissa myös liittimillä varustettuna valmiina kaapelina, 2x2m, 2x3m tai muissakin pituuksissa. Kysy tästä hinta ja toimitusaika!

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 Best Buy. The prime choice for any high-spec’ sound/vision installation. High performance technology with discreet proportions. Tried, tested and recommended by audio manufacturers, custom installers and end-users.

In the past Chord Rumour was a speaker cable that used silver-plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation. Chord Co had been experimenting with twisted pair conductor configurations, as at the time, heavy gauge parallel conductors were the standard for speaker cables. By twisting the conductors together, they could hear the noise floor of the system improve. They reached an ideal twist ratio and designed the cable around this.

When they launched Chord Rumour in 1996, it was one of the smallest speaker cables available (16 AWG). Retailers would take it into their demo rooms looking dubious and come out looking surprised and delighted. It sounded a lot bigger than it looked, it carried detail and dynamics really well and it was more coherent than just about any other cable around. As people got over the size and listened, rather than looked, it became a very popular cable. Apart from cosmetic changes it remained unchanged for many years.

The size, the colour and the performance mean it’s still a popular cable. New Chord ShawlineX shielded speaker cable shares the same conductors.

Previous versions of Rumour speaker cables used PTFE insulation (often referred to as Teflon™) and until the arrival of Taylon®, this was Chord´s  “go to” material. Although expensive, PTFE offered the best performance.

Material technology is constantly developing and improving and alternatives to PTFE are now available. While the high cost of Taylon® prevents factory from using this in all of their ranges, they were able to find a suitable family of insulation materials known as XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene). One version of this material looked particularly interesting and following listening tests, proved to be clearly better than the PTFE in old Rumour speaker cable – now known as Rumour X.

Declaration of Performance (CPR compliance) certificates available here (PDF)

Technical Specifications

Conductor Silver-plated OFC
Insulation XLPE
Configuration Twisted pair
Shielding None. PVC outer jacket
AWG 16
mm2 1.31
Diameter 6mm

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