Pro-Ject Mount It - ruuvipakkaus äänirasioille

Pro-Ject Mount It ruuvisarja äänirasia asennuksiin työkaluineen, anti-magneettiset osat.

Pro-Ject Mount It - ruuvipakkaus äänirasioille
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Anti-magnetic precision screws

Stable installment of a cartridge

This set of anti-magnetic precision screws is essential for a correct and stable mouting of a cartridge. With Mount it you will be able to install a multitude of different cartridge types on your tonearm or headshell. A correct and secure mounting of a cartridge is especially important for a distortion free sound. The anti-magnetic allen screws of the Mount it set guarantee, that no electrical interaction to the cartridge-spools and magnets is produced. With this the cartridge can work clean and precise. The Mount it sets consists of three different sized screws to ensure that all common cartridges are covered.

Scope of delivery:

- 2 x 5 mm allen screws

- 2 x 8 mm allen screws

- 2 x 12 mm allen screws

- 2 x nuts

- 1 x 2 mm allen key

- 1 x key for tightening

- 1 x micro fibre cleaning cloth