Marten Django XL

Marten Django XL
  • Marten Django XL
  • Marten Django XL
  • Marten Django XL
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Marten Django XL

Django XL is a three-way full-range loudspeaker. As in the Coltrane models, Django XL has a level control for the bass of +/-1dB, which enables the listener to tune the speaker to the listening environment. The Django XL cabinet is not only optimised for resonance control and acoustical purposes, but makes the speaker very attractive, with rounded corners on the top and bottom of the cabinet, both front and back.

Made with supreme craftsmanship, it has been designed with the same filter technology as the Coltrane 2 and Coltrane Momento. Uniquely combining this technology with a ceramic tweeter, ceramic midrange, and three newly developed bass drivers, Django XL offers a full bodied sonic performance that perfectly embraces any type of music. All the subtle nuance and powerful dynamics of a great live concert are there.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range / 26-30000 Hz +-3dB

Power rating / 250 W

Sensitivity / 89 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

Impedance / 6 ohm (4 Ohm min)

Type / 3-way bass reflex

Drive units / 3x8” alumimium, 1x6” ceramic, 1x1” ceramic

Crossover frequency / 2nd order, 250 & 3000Hz

Terminals /Single-wiring WBT

Internal wiring / Jorma Design

Cabinet / 25 mm:s MDF

Stands / Anodised aluminium with Marten cones

Dimensions WxHxD / 27 x 119 x 50 cm

Net weight / 47 Kg

Väri musta, hinta parihinta

Upea testiylistys Amerikasta; asialla Robert H.Levi / Positive-Feedback.

" Superb low frequency weight anf definition " John Atkinson / STEREOPHILE Blog

" How good is the Django? So good that my first listening note reads: Nothing wrong with this sound. ... in my gategory the Marten Django was a standout." Alan Taffel / The Absolute Sound (Apr 2012)

HIFI & RECORDS (2/2012), Stefan Gawlick: RESULT

How is this possible? That is the question I have asked myself many times during my time with Django. It is quite clear that one must look with a magnifying glass to find a speaker with such a bandwidth, wide soundstage, detail and balance. The joy that this speaker conveys with small competent amplifier is great. The Marten Django is a declaration of war and that a clear one!

" Martens Django XLs gave me the best sound I have ever heard in my room. Highly recommended. " Erick Lichte / STEREOPHILE (Sep 2012)

" Djangon dynaamiset avut olivat hyvät kaikilla voimakkuuksilla. Satunnaisista kriittisistä huomioista huolimatta pidin Djangoista. Sen kanssa oli helppo elää, se tarjosi varsinkin lauluäänillä hätkähdyttävän elävää toistoa, ja tarvittaessa löytyi sekä hienopiirteisyyttä että tökyä. " Matti Hermunen / HIFIMAAILMA (8/2012)