Marten Miles 5
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Marten Miles 5

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Marten Miles 5

Miles, the last remaining model from Marten's original range, has been continually refined and developed since its creation. It is Marten's most widely-spread model among audiophiles across the world. And with good reason.

Considered a design classic, it combines Marten looks with cutting edge components and outstanding musical performance.

The slim, graceful cabinet holds a 2-way, full ceramic system - two newly developed 7" ceramic bass mid-

range units and a new tweeter, which uses pioneering technology to achieve diamond-like performance.

Highly sensitive, meaning you don't need a massively strong amplifier, it's simple to place in a room, suitable for all environments and easy to adjust.

The new Miles

Cell tweeter designed with the latest Accuton technology.

Bass drivers with higher transparency and resolution using the latest Accuton technology.

Improved crossover using leading Mundorf components.

Stainless steel feet, cones and pucks tailor-made by Marten.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range / 28-40000 Hz +-3dB

Power rating / 250 W

Sensitivity / 90 dB/w/m

Impedance / 4 ohm (3.8 ohms minimum)

Type / 2-way ported (27 Hz)

Drive units / Two 7" ceramic-mid, 1" ceramic-tweeter

Crossover frequency / Second order, 2800 Hz

Components / Low loss copper foil coils and silver/gold in oil capacitors

Terminals / Single-wiring WBT

Internal wiring / Jorma Design

Cabinet / 23mm veneered MDF

Stands / Steel stands with Marten cones and pucks

Dimensions WxHxD / 22 x 116 x 32 cm

Net weight / 30 kg

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