Emotiva cd-soitin ERC-4

Emotiva ERC-4 Differential Reference™ CD Player and Digital Transport 

Emotiva cd-soitin  ERC-4
  • Emotiva cd-soitin  ERC-4
  • Emotiva cd-soitin  ERC-4
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  • A CD Player, Transport, And DAC – All In One
    • The ERC-4 is a dedicated audio CD player. It plays standard Red Book audio CDs, the Red Book layer of Hybrid SACDs, and MP3 digital audio files from both CD-R and DVD-R media.
    • The main analog outputs on the ERC-4 deliver both balanced and unbalanced audio signals – for compatibility with the widest variety of high quality audio systems.
    • The ERC-4 provides a full assortment of digital output formats, including optical S/PDIF (Toslink), coax S/PDIF, and AES/EBU.
    • The DAC section on the ERC-4 offers separate coax S/PDIF and optical S/PDIF (Toslink) digital inputs, both of which support stereo PCM digital audio up to 24/192k.

    Cutting Edge Audio Performance

    • Our specially optimized switch mode power supply ensures a silent noise floor and eliminates all audible hum.
    • Analog Devices AD1955 High-Performance Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma DAC chip delivers excellent technical specifications and superb sound quality.
    • LM4562 high-performance op-amps are used in the critical I/V converter section for near-perfect linearity and exceptionally low noise and distortion.

    Quality Construction Delivers Great Performance And Long Term Reliability

    • Solid machined aluminum face plate and all-metal cabinet.
    • Reinforced steel chassis for rugged reliability and isolation from vibration.
    • Additional internal shielding and mass loading minimize noise interference and provide further isolation from external vibrations.
    • High-reliability motorized tray loading mechanism handles discs consistently and reliably.

    Impressive Usability Features

    • High visibility blue graphical OLED display.
    • Full front panel transport controls with blue halo illumination.
    • Full function solid machined aluminum remote control.

  • Supported Disc And Audio Formats

    • Pre-recorded commercial audio CDs (Red Book standard).
    • Audio CDs recorded on a computer or CD recorder (CD-Rs).
    • The Red Book CD layer on Hybrid SACDs.
    • MP3 files on both CD-R and DVD-R discs.
    • Two-channel PCM digital audio files from 16/44k to 24/192k (DAC inputs).

    Audio Specifications

    • Analog Outputs:
      1 pair stereo unbalanced analog outputs.
      1 pair stereo balanced analog outputs.
    • Digital Audio Outputs:
      1 Optical S/PDIF (Toslink).
      1 Coax S/PDIF.
      1 AES/EBU.
    • Digital Audio Inputs:
      1 Optical S/PDIF (Toslink).
      1 Coax S/PDIF.
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: THD < 0.0015% @ 1 kHz. THD < 0.01% (20 Hz – 20 kHz).
    • IM Distortion (SMPTE 4:1): <0.005%.
    • THD+N (Red Book CD source): < 95 dB (A weighted).
    • Phase Deviation: < 0.8 degrees (20 Hz – 20 kHz).

    Mechanical And Environmental:

    • Dimensions:
      17” wide x 4” high x 14” deep
      23” wide x 7" high x 18 deep (boxed).
    • Weight:
      21 lbs (unboxed)
      26 lbs (boxed).
    • Power:
      100 – 240 VAC (automatically sensed and switched).