Ry Cooder & Manuel Galbán: Mambo Sinuendo

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Ry Cooder & Manuel Galbán: Mambo Sinuendo
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Product Description

In a career that began in 1970 and reached a high point with the production of 1997's Grammy-winning Buena Vista Social Club project - the biggest-selling World Music album in history - Ry Cooder has created a body of work that may represent one of the broadest ranges of material ever recorded by an American popular musician. As a virtuoso guitarist, producer, and collaborator, he has acquired legendary status among fellow musicians, music fans, and guitar afficionados. His first record as producer and featured artist in fifteen years is a collaboration with the Cuban guitarist and keyboard player Manuel Galban, a member of the 1960's group Los Zafiros - the influential Cuban doo-wop quartet - whom Cooder refers to as "the last man twanging in Havana." Galban pioneered a tough, surf-guitar style that is considered unique in Cuban music, and even in his 60's, he is still drawn to experimentation. As Cooder puts it, "I thought we might be able to get off the main road and go somewhere fun and interesting together."

That musical trip is MAMBO SINUENDO. Twin electric guitars penetrate the cool mysteries of mambo-jazz and harken back to a point in the late 50's when Cuban popular music began to hint at a fusion of American pop-jazz and futuristic creations of musicians such as Perez Prado, who were leading Cuban music away from traditionalism. The sound spread into America as lounge music and typified an era of martinis, leopard print sofas and chrome-dappled Cadillacs - like the '59 Eldorado on the cover.

Track list:

  1. Drume Negrita
  2. Monte Adentro
  3. Los Twangueros
  4. Patricia
  5. Caballo Viejo
  6. Mambo Sinuendo
  7. Bodas de Oro
  8. Échale Salsita
  9. La Luna en Tu Mirada
  10. Secret Love
  11. Bolero Sonámbulo
  12. María la O