Tellurium Q Ultra Black kaiutinkaapeli

Tellurium Q
Tellurium Q Ultra Black kaiutinkaapeli
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Tellurium Q kaiutinkaapeli Ultra Black, metrihinta 305€

Telluriumin ehkä eniten mainetta kerännyt malli. Ultra Black - niinkuin muutkin Tellurium Q kaiutinkaapelit myydään vain tehdastekoisina valmiina kaapeleina, terminoituna joko z-liittimellä (banaani) tai haarukalla.

2 x 2m 1220€ pr

2 x 3m 1830€ pr

2 x 4m 2440€ pr

Paksu, musta Ultra Black on testattu useissa alan lehdissä, tässä muutama maininta:

Whatever you do, don’t audition the Ultra Black. As I said before, once you do, there’s no going back.”

Steve Dickenson, Hi Fi Plus, Awards issue 2010

“What the Ultra Blacks will do for your record collection is to both extract the fine detail from within and reveal its personality. The Ultra Blacks will lay bare your music, getting under the skin of each recording.”

Paul Rigby, HiFi World 2010

“So what is it that the TelluriumQ’s do and the other cables not? Or do but only to a lesser extent? They are damn musical, for one thing. Second, they appear to diminish harshness of the digital sources. Third, they let the midrange shine. Fourth, they keep the low bass frequencies well under control. Not bad for a pair of cables.”

Kai Ekholm,

"... things seem to start and stop when they ought to and this adds to what I can only describe as a sharper aural image. Clarity is the only word I can really find to describe the effect of these cables"

Lin Smith/ Stuart Smith, confirmed cable sceptics,