Pro-Ject Head Box RS kuulokevahvistin

Pro-Jectin RS-sarjan huippuetunen!

Pro-Ject Head Box RS kuulokevahvistin
  • Pro-Ject Head Box RS kuulokevahvistin
  • Pro-Ject Head Box RS kuulokevahvistin
  • Pro-Ject Head Box RS kuulokevahvistin
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Head Box RS is a reference quality headphone amplifier with fully balanced tube input stage (double triode tube 6922) and single ended, class A „FET (Field Effect Transistor)“ output stage. It offers balanced and unbalanced input as well as balanced and un-balanced by-pass connectors for using the pass-through input signal with other components.  

Volume control consists of a precise volume regulator with matched resistance between left and right channel.  

A special output impedance selector allows to adjust output impedance in three steps 5, 20 and 50 ohms to achieve better im-pedance matching between amplifier and headphones. Some experiments with different positions of output impedance selector are highly recommended to get the ultimate sound experience for your headphone.  

An advanced multi-stage power supply with four different output voltages is used to achieve the best possible S/N ratio for out-standing reproduction of detail, dynamics and imaging with any dynamic headphone!  

  • Fully balanced double mono design  
  • Tube input stage  
  • Class-A FET output stage  
  • Switchable output impedance for ultimate performance  
  • Superior low distortion  
  • Low noise components for ultimate dynamic & detail  
  • Output: 6,3mm socket  
  • Full metal casing in silver or black  
  • Optional Upgrade: Linear power supply Power Box RS Uni 1 (or 4) for further improved sound quality  

Technical data

Pro-Ject Head Box RS

Line-level input/output1 pair RCA/phono & 1 pair XLR each
Headphone jack3-pole 1/4 ‘‘ (6,3mm Ø)
Power output350mW / 32 ohms, 60 mW / 300 ohms
Frequency response30Hz – 20kHz/(+0,2dB; -0,05dB)
THD (IMD)0,17% (XLR in, output impedance setting 5 ohms, load 32 ohms)
Outboard power supply20V/3A DC suitable for your country's mains supply
Power consumption1,3A DC
Dimensions W x H x D206 x 72 x 200 (209) mm (D with sockets)
Weight2150g (without power supply)