IsoTek EVO3 Super Titan 32A virtasuodin

IsoTek EVO3 Super Titan 32A virtasuodin
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Super Titan is the ultimate statement in high-current power conditioning technology, delivering extremely low-impedance, high-current power conditioning for high-end power amplifiers, with a transient ability of 35,500W. Super Titan is the world’s most powerful audiophile mains conditioner.


  • Removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 85dB.
  • Independent outlets – no outlets are connected together, stopping Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination.
  • Unique conditioning network incorporating a group of four seven-stage filters in a series parallel configuration, delivering extremely low-impedance, high-current power.
  • KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery across all outlets.
  • 135,000A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system with earth fault protector.
  • Four outlets delivering 7,360W continuous power with 35,500W transient ability.
  • Unique ISIS© isolation system – totally eliminates resonance from the sub-chassis of Super Titan.


  • Ultimate high-current low impedance power conditioner
  • Suitable for all audio and AV components especially the largest power amplifiers
  • 4 high quality outlets at 32A or standard socket configuration
  • Improved multi-award winning Direct Coupled Design© circuit
  • Full resonance control isolation (ISIS) rack system built in


IsoTek’s EVO3 Super Titan represents (probably) the most powerful power cleaning system in the world, specifically designed for high end power amplifiers. The device is capable of running at 32A with the correct input feed. The Super Titan will dramatically lower noise floor, give greater soundstage with enhanced separation between instruments, a greater sense of air, space and overall timing. Bass will become deeper, yet more articulate allowing you to hear and almost touch a more holographic soundstage.

Housed in a machined aluminium case with full resonance control isolation system (ISIS) EVO3 Super Titan is a statement product that totally redefines what is possible with the cleaning of the mains supply.


Number of outlets4 + Multi-Link/Auxiliary
Type of outlets (32A)Silver-plated 32 Amp Neutrik
Type of outlets (20A)UK, EU, US, CH, AU, ZA
Mains inletSilver-plated  32 Amp Neutrik
Mains voltage100-240V / 50-60Hz
Maximum current32 Amp continuous
Total power (nominal 230V)7,360W continuous power
Transient power14,720W
Surge protection135,000 Amp instantaneous
Dimensions500 x 300 x 500mm (W x H x D)


"The effect of the EVO3 Super Titan and EVO3 Genesis pairing was uniformly, unequivocally effective, universal high-end system up-grade. The tech is clever, the operation faultless and there are plenty of outlet sockets for a comprehensive system.  The cosmetic design is a triumph of heavy-metal engineering that delivers real pride of ownership. Highly Recommended."

Hifi Pig Magazine - Nov 2018  READ FULL REVIEW


“What I heard surprised and shocked me – for the first time, I was listening to the music and not the hi-fi. Tremendous instrumental separation, drained of distortion by the Super Titan. Beautifully built and presented, this is an extremely effective mains conditioning device... Worth every penny.”

Hi-Fi World Magazine

"IsoTek's Super Titan is awesome.  We'd say Super Titan will improve the sound of any hi-fi system it's used with. It will allow you to hear exactly how your equipment is performing. Moreover, the improved clarity and separation will allow you to fine-tune your hi-fi system as never before."

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

“The Super Titan and Aquarius are sonic wonders. If you haven’t addressed power delivery, get to know your system on a more intimate basis and consider adding these IsoTek components. Only then will you discover what your system can really deliver”

TONE Audio Magazine