SpinX jatkojohto virralle 1,3m

SpinX 1,3 metrin jatkojohto.

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SpinX teknologiaan perustuva jatkojohto laitejohdolle. Laadukkaat liittimet.


Spintronics is one of the most interesting field of physics at the time.

All SpinX Cables are based on our SpinX Technology® which manipulates electron functions with the help of electric and magnetic fields. The technology is based on controlling the electron spin. The spin current is a globally known phenomenon which is studied with the objective of developing a quantum computer.

The substances and materials used in the manufacture of the conductor component are non-toxic and safe. The manufacturing process is completely CE and US certified including the cable manufacture. Each cable is handmade with methods which ensure the phenomena. Every product goes through final testing to maintain productions topmost quality.

Our products include SpinX Power Cables, Speaker Cables and Extension Cables.