L´Art du Son levypesuaine

Alkoholiton vinyylinpesuaine, sopii kaikille vinyyleille, myös värillisille ja kuvalevyille.

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L'Art Du Son Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid

An essential analogue product. This has to be one of the best fluids available. Ideal for use with any vacuum record cleaning machine

The premiere product from L'Art du Son is a new and revolutionary Record
cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analogue
devotee Martina Schoener. The cleaning fluid has the following features:

Concentrate makes up to 5.0 litres of cleaning fluid when added to ordinary
distilled water.

It is non-toxic, anti-static, biodegradable, and contains no alcohol. Ideal for use with any vacuum record cleaning machine. Recommended for use even with new, unplayed records.


  • Contains NO alcohol
  • Use of Environmentally friendly formula components
  • Dramatic increase in dynamic contrasts from LP playback
  • Improved bass response from LP playback
  • Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity from LP playback
  • Increased stage depth and sense of musical ease from LP playback
  • Substantial reduction in LP noise floor resulting in improved clarity
  • and instrumental definition
  • Increased LP longevity

L'Art du Son is suitable for all vinyl, colored vinyl, picture discs and shellac records
because in contrast to many other products on the market L'Art du Son contains no
alcohols nor emulsifying additives nor silicone based anti-foam ingredients. No harmful
biocide conservative agents are added as they would be in contact with the human skin
and we are committed not to harm the user by adding strange chemicals of no valid
use to the cleaning process of the record itself.
For that reason both L'Art du Son concentrate and solution contain suspended particles
which resolve after shaking. The components of L'Art du Son are non-hazardous to the
environment, non-allergenic and almost entirely bio-degradable. One flask of L'Art du
Son concentrate is sufficient to prepare 5 liters of cleaning solution which lasts for
roundabout 500 LPs. The color of the concentrate is light blue with white visible particles. The color of the
solution is almost clear, with small white ingredients floating in the solution.

Preparing the solution
The optimal concentrate/water-ratio is around 1:50. To prepare ca. 1 L of the solution add 20 mL of L'Art du
Son concentrate by using the supplemented measuring jug to 1 L of water. We recommend to prepare only as
much solution as you really need since the solution degrades after a period of time since it comes without
conservatives! Keep both the concentrate and solution dark and cold.
L'Art du Son is designed to clean your records with various qualities of water purity grades and hence remains
immune to the water´s quality range available to the user. It is functional in many variations regarding the
concentrate´s dilution ratio and works well from 18 mL up to 26 mL per liter depending on the user´s favorable
cleaning technique.

Apply an adequate amount of the mixed solution onto your records and give it a short time to be effective. The
dirt will get released from the grooves. The more time you give it the more effective it will be. We recommend
2 to 5 minutes per LP but shorter intervals are effective as well depending on the degree of pollution and the
effectiveness of your record cleaning machine. You can repeat the procedure several times if your LPs are very
dirty. L'Art du Son contains a special antistatic formula as well and helps avoiding electrostatic recharge of the cleaned records.

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