Marantz NA6006 verkkosoitin

Marantz verkkosoitin NA6006 Heos-monihuone tuella (HUOM : tilaustuote, ei Suomen maahantuojan varastossa)

Marantz NA6006 verkkosoitin
  • Marantz NA6006 verkkosoitin
  • Marantz NA6006 verkkosoitin
  • Marantz NA6006 verkkosoitin
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Marantz NA6006 on verkkosoitin uutuus HEOS tuella
Erittäin monipuolinen verkkosoitin tämän hetken moderneimmilla toiminnoilla ja tuella lähes kaikille musiikkipalveluille ja tämän hetken langattomille tekniikoille.

Tärkeimmät tekniset ominaisuudet
- HEOS tuki, ohjaa laitetta HEOS aplikaatiolla tai käytä osana monihuonejärjestelmää
- Striimaa musiikkia Internet Radiosta tai Spotify Connect, Pandora, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, TIDAL ja Deezer verkkopalveluista.
- Lisäksi Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 ja HEOS tuet langattomaan musiikinkuunteluun
- Audiophile tason 192khz/24bit D/A muunnin (SABRE ESS9016) ja "Dual Crystal Clock"
- Marantzin omat HDAM piirit minimoivat häiriön
- Tukee DSD 2,8 ja 5,6mhz tiedostoja, WAC, MP3, AAC, MA, FLAC, ALAC tiedostoja verkosta tai USB-liitännän kautta
- Optinen ja analoginen ulostulo
- Amazon alexa ääniohjaus
- Toimii myös esivahvistimena valittavan fixed tai variable linjalähdön ääniasetuksen kautta.
- Korkealaatuinen kuulokevahvistin

The NA6006 is equipped with an audiophile-standard ESS9016 Sabre DAC with dual crystal clocks to ensure accurate handling of all digital signals. Included analogue circuitry combined with acclaimed Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) creates wide dynamic range and lower distortion. Built from separate components and optimized for exceptional sound quality, these miniature HDAMs are found in Marantz products up to the Reference Series players and amplifiers.

Variable Output Terminal

Provides a selectable fix or variable level connection output to connect directly to active speakers or a power amplifier direct input for digital source player/pre-amplifier use. Control volume with the remote handset or via compatible apps.

Headphone Gain Control

Gain factor features three different selections making it possible to seamlessly drive low- or high-impedance headphones.


Supports Wide Range of File Types, Including 2.8 and 5.6 MHz DSD

In addition to compatibility with conventional PCM audio tracks from digital audio sources such as CD, the NA6006 supports all major audio file types:

File TypeSampling Freq.Bit RateBit LengthFile Extension
WMA32/44.1/48 kHz48-192 kbps-.wma
MP332/44.1/48 kHz32-192 kbps-.mp3
WAV32/44.48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz-16/24 bits.wav
MPEG-4 AAC32/44.1/48 kHz16-192 kbps-.aac/.m4a/.mp4
FLAC32/44.48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz-16/24 bits.flac
ALAC32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz-16/24 bits.m4a
DSD (stereo)2.8 MHz-5.6 MHz--.dsf/.dff>


High quality construction

Designed with the demanding music lover in mind, and crafted with strong materials that elevate audio quality. Achieves a solid foundation from dual layer chassis — plus, Individual circuit boards prevent mutual interference. Fully optimized to reproduce the best audio performance possible, the compact signal paths reduce distortion and improve sound. Multiple high-speed, high-current Schottky barrier diodes provide rapid recovery time and reverse current protection. Premium passive and active components, like audiophile-grade capacitors and precision-tight tolerance resistors amplify precision sound and audio quality.

Standalone D/A Converter Capability

Via the Optical digital input, use the NA6006 as an audiophile D/A converter when connected to a digital disc player or other digital audio source with an optical digital output.

Standby Recharging System

Charge your smart devices with the USB port, even if the NA6006 is in standby. Once the device is fully charged, the NA6006 automatically enters a low-power standby mode for minimal power consumption


Multiple Control Options

Control the NA6006 however you prefer. Use the supplied ergonomic remote control that’s compatible with Marantz Integrated Amplifiers, use the HEOS remote app on iOS,Android or Kindle to control volume or download the HEOS Home Entertainment Skill to use voice commands via Amazon Alexa voice control. The rear panel includes remote control input and output ports for direct connection to a Marantz disc player or amplifier, an infrared (IR) flasher input for connection to an external control device and an RJ-45 LAN port.

More Than 60 Years of Audiophile Heritage

Founded in 1953, Marantz has a long and rich history of designing audio components embraced by music lovers and critical listeners around the world. Because Music Matters, the NA6006 carries on our long tradition of delivering a best-in-class listening experience for music.

Teknisiä tietoja

Copper plated chassis
Headphone: Standard / Current feedback
Display: Dimmer / Off


Analogue Out1
Variable Out1
Ethernet port
Digital Inputs: Optical
Digital Outputs: Optical
Sample Rate digital In192 kHz / 24-bit
Jitter Reducer

Mitat ym

Available colors: Gold / Black 
Metal Front Panel
Remote ControlRC005NA
Power Consumption in W25
Standby Consumption in W0.2
Detachable Power Cable
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm440 x 371 x 106
Weight in kg6.6