Naim CD5Si cd-soitin
  • Naim CD5Si cd-soitin
  • Naim CD5Si cd-soitin
  • Naim CD5Si cd-soitin

Naim CD5Si cd-soitin

Naimin laadukas entry-level soitin.

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Naim CD5si on uusi versio Naimin legendaarisesta CD5i entry-level cd-soittimesta. CD5si tuotekehitys lähti liikkeelle ideasta tarjota kuluttajalle parasta mahdollista cd-toistoa hintaluokassaan. Se sisältää täysin uuden da-muuntimen (Burr Brown) joka on sama, kuin SuperUnitissa ja NDX:ssä. Uusi korkeatasoinen cd-mekanismi ja lukupää saavat cd-levyiltä esiin entistä enemmän informaatiota ja resoluutiota. Virtalähteen päivityksellä on saatu aikaa aikaisempaa suurempi dynamiikka.


Stiff, extruded aluminium casework provides excellent resistance to external vibration.

High performance drawer and transport mechanism as with our premium CDX2 model, providing low resonance, low-inertia disc operation.

Discrete digital and analogue power supplies for superior isolation of sound critical electronics.

Technology & Craft

The CD5si name may only differ from its CD5i predecessor by one character, but under the skin there's numerous fundamental improvements and advances - each one aimed at extracting more music and enjoyment from every CD. To begin with, the CD5si digital to analogue converter chip has been upgraded to a Burr Brown PCM1793 - a device very closely related to the one used in the NDX high-end streaming player. The CD5si also benefits from a more stable DAC clock, higher voltage power supply rails, a revised analogue filter design and a brand new CD transport and laser optics. All these changes were driven by our relentless search for engineering reliability and sound quality, and the benefit of each change was confirmed after many hours of listening.

However, just as change can bring improvement, there's often nothing wrong with sticking to your guns, so the CD5si retains all of its predecessor’s best features and Naim Audio trademarks. The unique Naim Audio swing-out CD drawer, laser tracking and digital error correction software, discrete analogue output electronics, and a die-cast, non-magnetic enclosure construction that helps ensure the electronics within can extract the most music possible from every CD.

Audio Outputs Analogue

Line Outputs Fixed (level)
2.1V RMS at 1kHz

Output Impedance
10Ω (max.)

Load Impedance
10kΩ (min.)

Frequency Response
10Hz – 20kHz, -0.6dB at 20Hz

<0.007%, 10Hz - 20kHz at full level

±0.1dB referred to main response

Connectivity Remote Control
Infra Red (RC5)

Formats CD Formats
Red Book

Disc Compatability

User Control Front Panel
Four button matrix

Remote handset

Power Supply Voltage
100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz

Power Consumption
9VA (stop mode), 12VA (play mode), 16VA (peak)

Physical Dimensions (HxWxD)
70 x 432 x 301 mm

5.9 kg

Supplied with
NARCOM-4 Remote Control, Standard Interconnect, Mains Lead

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Täysin uudistettu versio Naimin legendaarisesta vahvistimesta.

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