iFi AC iPurifier

Verkkohäiriöiden puhdistukseen tarkoitettu filtteri, jonka voit kytkeä vapaana olevaan pistokkeeseen.

iFi AC iPurifier
  • iFi AC iPurifier
  • iFi AC iPurifier
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The mains power supply is the ‘gasoline’ that fuels an audio system. And, whether it is clean or contaminated, it has a material impact upon the quality/enjoyment of playback.

The AC iPurifier is the latest iFi product from the ‘power products’ stable to clean-up noisy mains supplies.

It is no ordinary mains purification product. Technologically advanced, it’s an active not a passive product so it goes above and beyond and cancels far more noise across the frequency range than other passive devices.

This chart compares the AC iPurifier (green line), which is ACTIVE, versus generic mains filters (red line) which are typically passive.

The effective noise reduction difference is as different as night and day.

i.  MUCH better at -40dB and ii. Effective across the frequency range. A passive purifier filters only in the very top-end of the frequency range.


Every audio system benefits  The AC iPurifier was designed to be used in ANY mains powered audio system. It is particularly effective at dealing with modern audio systems that have an abundance of generic and varied power supplies (see next section for a more detailed, technical explanation).

Where extension blocks are used, the AC iPurifier can be used to isolate certain types of power supplies for the maximum noise reduction.

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