Tellurium Q Black II RCA-kaapeli

Mainetta niittäneen Black -sarjan uudistunut RCA-kaapeli. Hinta 350€ (1m)

Tellurium Q
Tellurium Q Black II RCA-kaapeli
  • Tellurium Q Black II RCA-kaapeli
  • Tellurium Q Black II RCA-kaapeli
  • Tellurium Q Black II RCA-kaapeli
350,00 €
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Performance Profile

Black Family: Smooth, fine

detailed and great resolution while actually reducing apparent harshness. Music is presented as a coherent, organic whole, with a jaw-dropping sense of realism and naturalness.

Muutamia ajatuksia äänestä:

The Black RCA is thought of very highly by people who try it:

“Nowhere “Nowhere does the music sound sharp or thin, but very open, transparent, defined. Everything sounds completely balanced. The sound is completely separate from the speakers and we feel as if we ourselves were present at the shooting. The original setting is left untouched and had only experienced by some in this group test such a commitment. So pure, so much momentum and so much peace. This is for us very close to the perfect interlink.”

– Harro Tillema, Alpha-Audio

“Putting it into my system, I was impressed by just how communicative this modestly priced cable was. Compared to my favourite similarly-priced cable I had to hand TQ offered a significant improvement in focus, timing and overall lucidity.”

Steve Dickinson, HiFi +

“I’d say it sounds one of the very best cables at the price”
"Super value, high-end interconnects offering satisfying, expansive and natural sound"

David Price, Hi-Fi World