Loewe DR+ Feature Disk

Loewe DR+ Feature Disk
  • Loewe DR+ Feature Disk
  • Loewe DR+ Feature Disk
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Loewe DR+ Feature Disk -sovitin Bild 3 tai Bild 1 televisioon

Ominaisuudet, jotka Feature Disk mahdollistaa ja aktivoituu Bild 1 ja Bild 3 televisioissa:

Bluetooth Music Player
The new Bluetooth functionality allows you to connect your smartphone to your Loewe Art or Connect TV set and enjoy your favourite music over the TV speakers or a connected Loewe sound system.  Listen to the latest tracks with friends or chill out to the sounds of a symphony orchestra, the choice is yours! All you need is a smartphone, tablet computer or notebook that supports the A2DP standard to have all the joys of music streaming at your fingertips.

Bluetooth Keyboard
Enjoy a whole new level of speed and ease for your Web searches. Simply connect any Bluetooth enabled keyboard to your Loewe Art or Connect TV via Bluetooth and then make yourself comfortable on the sofa.  Use your wireless Bluetooth keyboard to type in all the characters you would normally enter on the on-screen keyboard or remote control. Searching for your favourite artists on Internet radio has never been so easy.

Multiroom TV Streaming
From your living room to your kitchen or bedroom, the choice of where to watch your favourite TV programme is now yours. Thanks to the new Multiroom TV Streaming feature. Want to carry on watching your cookery programme in the kitchen? No problem. Multiroom TV Streaming allows you to stream the current programme synchronously over your network to up to two more Loewe TVs in different rooms.

Multiroom DR+ Streaming
Watch DR+ recordings stored on your hard disk simultaneously on up to three Loewe TVs. Simply connect the DR+ Feature Disk to your TV to stream your recordings, fully synchronised, over the network to two more Loewe televisions. Allowing you to play your DR+ archive recordings simultaneously in your living room and bedroom.

Loewe Multi Recording
What happens if you want to watch something different to the rest of your family? Or how do you choose which programme to record if two of your favourites happen to clash? The Loewe Multi Recording feature is the answer. It allows you to record up to two programmes simultaneously on your DR+ Feature Disk and even watch a third channel at the same time.  Add this feature to Loewe Art TV's with the Feature stick.

Convenient recording, any time and any place
Say farewell to the days of missing your favourite programmes because you're not at home. Thanks to Loewe Mobile Recording and the Loewe Smart Assist app, it’s now easy to record all your favourite programs using your smartphone from wherever you are. Add this feature to Loewe Art TV’s with the Loewe DR+ Feature Disk.

Schedule. Record. View. Archive.

Pause, record and stream programmes at the touch of a button on your Loewe Art TV with the Loewe DR+ (1 TB) hard disk recorder. The DR+ archive allows you to store recordings in your own folder structure directly on the DR+ Feature Disk. Gone are the days when TV schedules reigned supreme. Loewe brings you ultimate viewing flexibility at the touch of a button. Allowing you to organise your viewing according to what really matters – your own convenience.

Loewe DR+ Archive Extension.
Need more space for your movie collection? Consider it done!

As well as bringing you the latest features, the DR+ Feature Disk also allows you to expand the existing integrated DR+ archive on your Loewe TV.It provides additional storage space, concealed from view thanks to its compact dimensions. Simply export your chosen recordings from your integrated hard disk to the Loewe DR+ Feature Disk to manage your digital film archive directly from your Loewe TV.

Timeshift television. – Total stop & go efficiency
Thanks to Loewe DR+, even on Loewe Art TV's, you can now pause your live programme at the touch of a button and then resume viewing precisely where you left off. Timeshift mode also allows you to rewind or fast-forward at any point.


Colour – Black

Storage Capacity – 1tb

Smart tv2move App – Free on Apple App and Google Play store

Suitable for – Tablets running Android 4.1.1 or Apple iOS 8 and higher (iPad 3 and higher)

Smart Audio App – Free on Apple App and Google Play store

Suitable for – iPhone running iOS 6 (iPhone 3GS or higher), Android phones running Android 4 Jelly Bean and higher (1GHz Dual Core CPU and higher)

Smart Assist App – Free on Apple App and Google Play store

Suitable for – Smartphones running Android 4.1.1 or Apple iOS 8 and higher (iPhone 4 and higher)