Chord Signature Super ARAY

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Chord Signature Super ARAY
  • Chord Signature Super ARAY
  • Chord Signature Super ARAY
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Signature Super ARAY streaming cable

The Signature Super ARAY streaming cable is a direct development of the Epic Streaming cable. The same high precision RJ45 connector with gold-plated contacts and soldered conductors is used along with the unique hard skin insulation. Compare the two cables though and you’ll hear what happens when heavier gauge silver-plated conductors are fitted, relative spacing of the conductors is changed and a more effective shielding system is used. The other big change is the switch from the Tuned ARAY conductor geometry to the Super ARAY conductor geometry that we developed for specifically for streaming cables.

The problem with streaming audio can often be the length and the number of Ethernet cables involved in the process. Re-siting NAS drives isn’t always possible and Ethernet over mains is sometimes being used. The development of Tuned and then Super ARAY conductor geometries were driven by a desire to minimise high frequency noise. Long runs of unshielded Ethernet cable or worse, Ethernet over mains means that high frequency interference won’t just be affecting the streamer you are using, it will be affecting the whole audio system. Connecting a Signature Super ARAY streaming cable to the streamer often produces profound improvements. Increases in clarity, definition and detail are easy to hear, but it’s the gains in coherence that are so special.

Standard length 1m. Custom lengths available to order.