iFi Audio iSilencer+

iFi Audio iSilencer+
  • iFi Audio iSilencer+
  • iFi Audio iSilencer+
  • iFi Audio iSilencer+
  • iFi Audio iSilencer+
  • iFi Audio iSilencer+
65,00 €
Yli 90 euron verkkokauppatilaukset toimituskuluitta kaikkialle Suomeen!
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iFi Audion iSilencer+ poistaa USB-liitännästä jitterin, digitaalistreamin ja verkkovirran häiriöitä. Aktivinen melunvaimennus.

"The iSilencer+ is for anyone who wants a simple way to reduce distortion and enjoy clearer, noise-free tunes.

Simply plug the iSilencer+ directly into the USB port of your computer. Easy. You’ll notice you get the deeper detail in your music. Music will seem clearer, more transparent and bass will be improved.

The spooks are gone.

This device can be used not only at the active USB ports but also at unused USB ports too. It will reduce EMI.

Using multiple iSilencers (and therefore the inbuilt ANC circuit) will double the noise reduction each time the number of units is doubled.

Just don’t cross the streams.


• Super-Speed USB3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible)

• Connectors: USB3.0 gold-plated connectors

• Dimensions: 48 (S) x 18 (L) x 8 mm (K)

• Weight: 6.3g

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